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Last news from AFCEA Bucuresti Chapter

15 of November 2007
ANNUAL DEFENSE SPECTRUM SUMMIT 2007 December 10-14, 2007, Hyatt Regency Crystal City, VA. More information on the site DEFENSE SPECTRUM SUMMIT.

08 of November 2007
AFCEA International have produced new Industry Codes to replace the existing ones on all membership forms (individual and corporate). They are in word so that they can be easily be modified by each chapter as appropriate. Please use the attached forms (photocopies may be used) in future or adapt your local chapter membership forms to contain the information on these forms as a minimum. Remember to fill in the 'sponsored by' section of the individual membership form as this information is needed for the recruitment/retention award programme., Individual Application form.doc and for the sponsors Corporate membership form.doc .

30 of September 2007
General meeting AFCEA - Chapter Bucuresti, 10 of October 2007, Bucuresti, Str. G. Constantinescu, nr. 2, sector 2, I.C.E Felix -Fabrica de Calculatoare Electronice S.A. . More information to reach the address find on the site I.C.E Felix - Fabrica de Calculatoare Electronice S.A..

15 of August 2007
AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES and APPLICATIONS for DUAL USE, ROMA, Italia, in the period 12-14 septembrie 2007, the conference and exhibition AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES and APPLICATIONS for DUAL USE. More information on the site AFCEA ROMA CHAPTER.

23 of April 2007
We inform the AFCEA Chapter Bucharest's members about the International Exhibition and Conference Black Sea Defense & Aerospace. More information you can find to the site of Black Sea Defense & Aerospace.

4 of April 2007

Three years since Romania became member of NATO.

The list of conferences organized by AFCEA Bucuresti Chapter in 2007

The archive of AFCEA Bucuresti Chapter events

The archive of AFCEA Bucuresti Chapter events

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